The Great Outdoors Monopoly

Monopoly: The Great Outdoors Edition is a content and package redesign of the original Monopoly game that was developed in 1903.

This collectible edition was inspired by Canada’s wilderness and is targeted towards wildlife lovers, campers and nature enthusiasts. The animal pattern on the outer box hints at the properties that players can purchase throughout the game. Property spaces consist of North American animals and camping related activities. When opened, the inner box reveals a wooden texture that resembles a piece of fire wood. That same texture is continued onto the game board to give the game a rugged, outdoorsy feel. The box was changed from the standard rectangle shape to this smaller and more compact square version for easier transportation and storage for those whole love to play outdoors. All illustrative components are original. Monopoly and all of it’s trademarks belong to Hasbro.


graphic designer, illustrator